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Tree climbing

This is a supervised experience ,consisting of a kind of climbing in the trees with technics usually applied for workmanship of rope or for pollarding. The equipement(harness) is temporary ; a qualified staff will take in charge the group and assist it during all the activities.

PAH/High rope courses :

The P.A.H. are recreation spaces, usually situated in wooded areas, at all time equiped and will enable you to walk on your own in the heights. The participant will ensure  his  own security with individual protection equipement ( harness, hooks, tether ...) attached to a life rope placed along the course.

Our P.A.H. is conform to AFNOR standards and to the New European Norm 2008. Our equipement is controlled every year. Annual technical control of the facilities. Annual sanitary tree control. "Ministere de la jeunesse et des sports" agreement.


Planning of the activities :

Step 1

Welcoming and equipment, 5 mn. At the wellcoming point, on our terrasse, each participant is equiped with a complet individual harness and a pair of gloves.

Step 2

Introductory course: 15mn. In small group ,a fully qualified monitor will present you the workshops,the equipment and will progress on the introductory course while advising you on the best way to apprehend it. Every one is then invited to progress on the course to unable the monitor to valid their abilities as to practise the different activities No introductory course for the PINK course,a few advice will be given by the monitor.

Step 3

Access to the courses: Go for it !! Depending on each individual aptitude,the average time for finishing each course runs between 20 to 40 minutes. You have full access to all authorised courses according to age and height requirements,and for unlimited time.


Sporting shoes are recommanded


Hair must be attached (Hair bands are provided at the entrance)

LAST START : 16.00

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