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Safety and standards

Safety and standards

Tree climbing courses

It is a supervised practice consisting of a kind of climbing in the trees using techniques derived from rope trades or pruning. The equipment is temporary and a person (state certificate) takes care of a group and accompanies it during the activity.

Arbre et aventure en pays dignois accrobranche digne les bains
Arbre et aventure en pays dignois accrobranche digne les bains corde tarzan

Acrobatic Course at Height

Acrobatic Courses at Height are leisure spaces generally in wooded areas, permanently equipped with facilities allowing the practitioner to walk at height independently, ensuring their own safety by means of personal protective equipment against falls from height (harness, lanyards, carabiners, etc.) connected to a lifeline installed along its route.

Our Mallemoisson Acrobatic Course in Height complies with the AFNOR standard and the new European Standard 2008. Our equipment is checked annually by specialized bodies: Annual technical check of the installations; Annual tree control. We benefit from the approval of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Procedure of the activity

Step 1

Reception and equipment, duration 5 minutes. On our reception terrace, each participant is personally equipped with a full harness.

Step 2

Initiation course, duration 15 minutes: In small groups, a qualified instructor will introduce you to the activity, the equipment and carry out the initiation course in front of you, to give advice. Then, everyone completes this course under the eyes of the instructor who validates the acquisition of the instructions. No initiation for access to the PINK course, only a few instructions given verbally by an instructor.

Step 3

Access to the courses: Now it's up to you! The average duration varying according to your level is 20 to 40 minutes for each course. You have access to all the courses authorized according to your age and your size at will and in unlimited duration.


Sports shoes recommended, FLIP FLOPS AND STUD HEELS PROHIBITED, hair tied back (scrunchies are available at reception).

Safety Lanyards

The brightest and most advanced belay system for acrobatics.

The SAFELINK SSB system ensures that a participant is never detached from the lifeline. Once connected to the security system, the two interconnected carabiners can only be opened in turn.

Arbre et aventure en pays dignois accrobranche digne les bains baudrier ssb mousquetons